"Scott Oswald, the Managing Partner, is a consummate professional and an outstanding litigation attorney."

The attorneys at The Employment Law Group (TELG) are a group of caring, dedicated professionals who specialize in litigation. Scott Oswald, the managing partner, is a consummate professional and outstanding litigating attorney. Scott Oswald will tell you up front whether or not you have a claim. If Scott believes you have a claim, he and his staff will work tirelessly to ensure justice prevails and that you receive the best possible outcome under the law. Nick Woodfield is an outstanding litigator and a seasoned professional. He is well respected among his peers and a tough negotiator. Nick’s thoroughness and toughness will break the backs of even the most egregious wrong-doers. My sincere thanks goes out to the entire team at TELG – Scott, Andrew, Greg, Katie, Nick, and Karuna for believing in me and for fighting so hard for my vindication. If you’ve been wronged and you want to see Justice prevail, go with the staff at TELG – you won’t be disappointed.

Attorneys who worked with this client:
R. Scott Oswald