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The Employment Law Group® Law Firm: Employment and Whistleblower Attorneys

The Employment Law Group® law firm is experienced in protecting the rights of employees. We focus our practice on fighting for the rights of whistleblowers who report fraud and wrongdoing; employees who face discrimination in the workplace; and employees who have not been paid properly by their employers.

We represent all types of employees and take pride in our experience helping employees protect their jobs in the face of employment retaliation.  We have extensive trial experience representing employees – that’s what sets us apart.  We fight to stop employers from harming employees, and we fight to vindicate employees’ rights by making employers pay for their wrongdoing.

For example, in the case of Shen v. Shinski, our attorneys protected the job of a whistleblower by obtaining an unprecedented order from a federal court that prevented the VA from terminating a Title 38 doctor while her complaint was pending.  Additionally, The Employment Law Group® succeeded in protecting a VA physician’s job by overturning her suspension.

The Employment Law Group® law firm also recently obtained an $819,000 verdict on behalf of a federal research grant recipient who reported the misuse of government funds, a $650,000 jury verdict in a gender discrimination and retaliation lawsuit, a $579,339 Family and medical Leave Act (FMLA) jury verdict, and a $282,000 jury verdict on behalf of whistleblowers.  In addition, our attorneys represented a client whose allegations of corporate fraud resulted in a $57.75 million False Claims Act settlement.  Due in part to our results and dedication to workers, The Employment Law Group® was named the Labor & Employment Law Firm of the Year by Lawyer Monthly for 2011 and 2012.

The cases that we accept are those cases that we are prepared to take to trial from the very beginning.  We seek early resolutions whenever it is in the best interest of our clients, but we are always ready to seek vindication through the courts as illustrated by our track record.

Call The Employment Law Group® law firm to schedule a consultation and, together, we’ll decide how best to protect your career.

Our Firm’s Practice Areas

Whistleblower Law: Protection and Rewards for Employees

No one should be punished for doing the right thing, especially those with the courage and integrity to blow the whistle on corporate fraud or other illegal activities.  Congress and many states have enacted several laws that provide whistleblowers with both protection from retaliation and monetary rewards.

Our attorneys have experience representing whistleblowers who report:

Additionally, our attorneys have extensive experience fighting on behalf of employees who have been wrongfully discharged by their employers.  Many states and jurisdictions provide protection for employees who disclose illegal, unethical, or unsafe practices or who refuse to engage in illegal conduct.

Visit our “Whistleblower Frequently Asked Questions” to learn about our firm’s leadership in the field of whistleblower law, as well as to read more about the specific laws designed to protect and reward employees with the courage to report illegal activities and wrongdoing.

Whether you’ve been retaliated against for disclosing wrongdoing or fraud, or whether you have information that you’d like to report – contact us to discuss what your next step should be and how best to protect your career.

Employment Discrimination Law

The Employment Law Group® law firm is a recognized leader in the field of employment discrimination law and has successfully fought to protect employees’ rights in the workplace.

For example, our firm obtained a $466,000 judgment for a female client who was paid less than her male co-workers in similar positions; a $1 million jury award for a victim of sexual harassment; a $650,000 award in a gender discrimination and retaliation lawsuit; and a $579,338 jury verdict under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Our attorneys routinely practice in the following areas:

No one deserves to be treated unfairly or unequally in the workplace, contact us if you are facing discrimination, harassment, or unfair treatment.

Wage and Hour Law

Our attorneys are experienced in representing employees whose employers have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and recently secured a $1.1 million judgment for unpaid wages owed.

In addition, The Employment Law Group® law firm routinely fights on behalf of employees whose employers have engaged in the following violations of state and federal law:

  • Nonpayment of wages;
  • Failure to pay overtime;
  • Refusal to pay minimum wage;
  • Misclassification of employees as exempt from the overtime laws.

If you have experienced violations of wage and hour law, of if you know of systematic attempts by a company or employer to violate its workers’ rights to payment of wages, overtime, and minimum wage, please contact us to discuss what steps can be taken to ensure fair treatment.

Keep in mind that some claims that may be available to you have a very short statute of limitations and by waiting too long you may lose the opportunity to assert your rights.

Call The Employment Law Group® law firm to schedule a consultation and, together, we’ll decide what your next move should be.


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