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In California, LGBT employees who face workplace bullying are protected by robust state laws. To get the full benefit of that protection, employees should take three crucial steps: Document, disclose, and engage.

This article by TELG managing principal R. Scott Oswald and former principal David L. Scher was published by The Bay Area Reporter on October 23, 2014. The full article is .

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Grabbing the bull(y) by the horns

There is no doubt that workplace bullying is a problem in our society. In a 2014 study conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute, researchers found that 27 percent of Americans have suffered abusive conduct while at work; 21 percent of those polled witnessed bullying; and an astounding 72 percent are aware that on-the-job bullying occurs. In this same poll, the WBI found that less than 20 percent of employers took action to stop workplace bullying.

As evidenced by the WBI's report, and to highlight during October, which is National Bullying Awareness Month, there is a severe disconnect between the numbers associated with those being bullied and the employer's response. Moreover, a 2011 report issued by the Center for American Progress shows that members of the LGBT community experience workplace bullying at significantly higher levels. This requires that employees educate themselves on the protections available to them in the workplace.