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Do You Need a Whistleblower Rewards Attorney?

  • Have you discovered illegal activity at your company?
  • Has your employer punished you because you reported this wrongdoing — or just raised concerns?
  • Are your company’s executives cheating shareholders through fake accounting?
  • Or cheating the U.S. government via double-billing, over-charging, or improper billing or coding?
  • Do you know of bribes being paid to foreign officials by US companies?
  • Is your career now on the line — because you had the guts to blow the whistle?

You shouldn’t be punished for doing what is right. This is the law in many cases. For a century and half, Congress has offered certain whistleblowers both legal protection and monetary rewards — and lately it has expanded the incentives to report many types of wrongdoing.

The Employment Law Group® law firm knows these laws inside-out. We have deep experience protecting whistleblowers across a wide range of industries. We have helped courageous employees to get their jobs back after being fired — and to collect both rewards and damages.

Whistleblower Rewards

Many whistleblowers may claim rewards; we’ve helped many people do that, too. Our attorneys helped to obtain a $57.75 million settlement on behalf of a corporate whistleblower; an $819,000 verdict for a researcher who reported the misuse of government grants; a $650,000 jury verdict for a woman who was punished after reporting gender discrimination at her workplace; and a $282,000 jury verdict for a university official who opposed fraud.

Lawyer Monthly magazine named us Labor & Employment Law Firm of the Year three times running; we’re on U.S. News & World Report‘s list of the Best Law Firms.  As a smaller firm we pick and choose our clients — but in return we offer each client personal attention from top-flight lawyers. All of our principal attorneys were honored by Super Lawyers in 2014; individual lawyers have been rated as the best in DC (Washingtonian magazine), selected to attend the prestigious Trial Lawyers College, and called both “superb” (Avvo.com) and “preeminent” (Martindale-Hubbell).

What else should you know? Well, The Employment Law Group is dedicated to representing employees like you. We don’t take corporations as clients. We are employee champions, 100 percent on the side of the angels.

Our most crucial advice, furthermore, we give for free: Watch the clock. A wide range of whistleblower laws may protect you — whether you’re a hospital technician or a nuclear engineer, a truck driver or a government statistician — but all of these statutes have strict filing deadlines, some of them quite short. Wait too long to understand your rights, and you may lose them.

If you’d like to consult with our attorneys, please contact us. To each consultation client we offer the following:

  • A sympathetic ear
  • A serious consideration of the facts
  • A deep understanding of the law
  • A clear-eyed assessment of your claims

If we can help you, we will propose some next steps. If not, we will point you in a better direction.

As a whistleblower, you have legal rights. Let our firm’s experience guide you: We have asserted these rights on behalf of many employees before you — in many cases, employees who already had been punished, demoted, or fired by their company.

Call or e-mail us and get the process started. You are standing up for justice. You need someone who’ll stand behind you.

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