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TELG Client Wins over $282,000 Against UDC in Jury Trial

On October 22, 2009, a D.C. Superior Court awarded Colin Browne over $282,000 for his former employer’s violations of the D.C. Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA).  This is one of the highest awards under the D.C. WPA to date.  The award comes after a 5 day jury trial.  We first blogged about the verdict in Mr. Browne’s case here.

 Browne was the program coordinator for UDC’s federally funded Career Counseling and Development Center where he worked with UDC’s at-risk students.  He discovered that his supervisors were intentionally misrepresenting the program’s success to secure federal funding.  He took a stand against this fraud and in return he was retaliated against and ultimately fired. 

Regarding the verdict, R. Scott Oswald, Managing Principal with The Employment Law Group® law firm said, “This case is an extraordinary victory for whistleblower protection in the District of Columbia.  I especially wish to acknowledge Mr. Browne who demonstrated tremendous courage and fortitude throughout his tenure at UDC and the course of this litigation.”

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