Plaintiff’s Counsel Answers FAQ’s on Election Talk in the Workplace

“Our country is in the midst of a heated campaign season, and political discussion and strong opinions inevitably arise in our daily discourse,” notes Scott Oswald, managing principal of the Employment Law Group, which represents employees in whistleblower suits and other employment matters. “This is no small issue for human resources professionals, as our political opinions predictably surface in everyday conversation between coworkers,” he notes, adding that it can be “particularly troublesome for HR departments because this election has proven to be one of the most hotly contested and divisive in recent memory.” In light of these potential problems, Oswald answers some FAQs on how HR professionals can manage these concerns in the workplace.

A few of these frequently asked questions are addressed below. This FAQ is not a comprehensive discussion of every issue that arises with political activity or discussion in the workplace, but it is meant to provide a broad overview of prominent topics…

Plaintiff’s Counsel Answers FAQ’s on Election Talk in the Workplace.” Employment Law Daily (October 24, 2012)