Date: September 10, 2021

At the 2021 conference for the Society for Human Resource Management, TELG principal R. Scott Oswald gave a presentation on how HR professionals can help their companies avoid a lawsuit. Scott explained to the audience that how HR gets involved in potential misconduct can have a major effect on resolving employment issues before they need to go to court. Scott offered five main tips, including how to stand up to the boss.

"How [HR professionals] get involved can make a big, big difference."

R. Scott Oswald


How HR Can Help Avoid a Lawsuit

LAS VEGAS — HR professionals can help curb employment-related lawsuits by crafting prompt and appropriate responses to employee complaints, according to R. Scott Oswald, who represents employees as an attorney with The Employment Law Group in Washington, D.C.

Even if an employee’s initial complaint is about a manager’s, co-worker’s or other business partner’s conduct, HR always gets involved eventually, Oswald said at the SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2021 on Sept. 10.

“How you get involved can make a big, big difference,” he told attendees who were participating in person and online.

1. Don’t ignore employee complaints.

Employee complaints put the company on notice that a problem needs to be addressed. When HR responds properly to a complaint, Oswald said, the employee is more likely to accept the results of an investigation or process. But employees who feel their complaints are ignored are more likely to contact a lawyer.

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