Date: September 2, 2022

TELG's Kellee Boulais Kruse spoke with AARP about 8 steps employees can take to fight against age discrimination.

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How to Fight Back Against Age Discrimination

Workers who believe their age has cost them — whether it’s a job, a promotion, a raise — have options for fighting back. Eric Bachman and Kellee Boulais Kruse, legal specialists in employment discrimination, recommend these steps:

1. Talk with a supervisor.

“It doesn’t have to be a formal complaint right off the bat,” says Bachman, a principal at Zuckerman Law in Washington, D.C. “Sometimes the issues can be addressed in an informal conversation.”

2. Keep a log.

Document comments and actions you believe were driven by discrimination and keep any records, such as emails. A time line is helpful, especially to show retaliation after a complaint has been lodged. But don’t record conversations secretly if that runs afoul of state laws or company policies, says Kruse, a principal at the Employment Law Group P.C. in D.C. And don’t transfer emails or documents to outside parties or a private email if that violates company rules. A fired worker who can’t take confidential information with them when they leave should note the dates of emails and names of documents on the company network. They can request these later as part of any legal proceedings, Kruse says.


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