Date: January 7, 2022

TELG client Julia Grant has filed a lawsuit against Australian company CSL Behring, alleging wrongful termination, retaliation, and gender and age discrimination. Ms. Grant is represented by TELG's Adam Augustine Carter.

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TELG Client Files Wrongful Termination Suit Against Australian Company

Australian blood giant CSL Behring is facing allegations in a US court it terminated a senior female employee not long after a representative from the company’s human resources team asked her whether she thought the company “has a problem with women”.

Julia Grant, who spearheaded CSL’s vital dealings with Capitol Hill during the Trump administration as the company’s director of US healthcare policy and federal relations, claims she was “illegally” sacked in a company restructure after being subjected to gender discrimination.

The case has also lifted the lid on CSL’s dealings in Washington and includes allegations her boss Patrick Collins took over a key internal committee responsible for overseeing campaign contributions and then directed the contributions to Republican members of Congress and candidates without consultation. Ms. Grant alleges Mr. Collins did this to further his aspirations to run for Congress.

The pharma giant is defending the claim and describes Ms. Grant’s allegations as “baseless” but admits Mr. Collins told Ms. Grant that he was surprised he was not made redundant instead of her given it was his role that was eliminated in the restructure. It denies all other allegations made against Mr. Collins.

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