Amended Complaint adds Supplementary Factual Assertions Supporting Claims against U.S. Defense Contractor Accused of Defrauding American Taxpayers and Endangering Lives

November 20, 2012

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Amended Complaint adds Supplementary Factual Assertions Supporting Claims against U.S. Defense Contractor Accused of Defrauding American Taxpayers and Endangering Lives

Amended Complaint alleges that Jorge Scientific executives and staff harassed female employees, dealt in “black market” weapons and manipulated U.S. government contracts

Washington, D.C. – Earlier this fall two former employees of Jorge Scientific, an intelligence and defense company and long-term contractor to the federal government, filed a qui tam lawsuit against Jorge based on alleged illegal activities that they claim they witnessed during their tenure at the company’s Legacy Contract project in Kabul, Afghanistan. The amended complaint they filed this week sets forth additional factual allegations related to Jorge’s purported fraud and illegal conduct, while also rebutting Jorge’s claimed defense that it was unaware of the fraud and acted promptly to fix the problems caused by the alleged rampant drinking, drug use and illegal weapons activities of its employees.

The additional allegations are based on the statements of several witnesses who have come forward since the initial complaint was filed. As such, the relators have asserted that Jorge’s alleged illegal actions date back to 2010 and continued at least into the fall of 2012. The alleged fraud included purported animal house style alcohol and drug abuse, physical harassment of females, attempts to coerce a government officer to sole source contracts to the company, purchase and use of black market weapons and illegal possession of deadly firearms.

“The amended complaint avers that the alleged illegal conduct spread out of the villa into multiple locations, including at least three government contracts,” stated David Scher, Principal at The Employment Law Group® law firm. “It also avers that Jorge’s senior management and its human resources department were well aware of this behavior, and in some instances, even directed or participated in the illegal and fraudulent activities. It further alleges that management attempted to hide the fraud from the government on at least one occasion, only acting to fix problems after the relators left the company with the video.”

The original complaint filed by The Employment Law Group® law firm on behalf of the relators Kenneth Smith (a decorated former North Carolina police officer) and John Melson (a decorated former U.S. Marine and current Army National Guardsman) alleged that Chris Sullivan, executive vice president of Jorge Scientific, modeled and encouraged gross misconduct at the Kabul “Villa” where Jorge executives stationed the team, causing the relators to resign as security principal analysts and close protection specialists. The relators have claimed in their lawsuit that Jorge executives’ actions grossly compromised the U.S. mission and endangered the lives of Jorge employees, U.S. government and coalition personnel.

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