1961 Amendments

Also known as: 1961 Amendments to FLSA

Signed into law by John F. Kennedy
May 05, 1961

In 1961, Congress amended the Fair Labor Standards Act to expand coverage to those employees working for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and governmental entities. The amendment also expanded the FLSA’s scope by adopting so-called “enterprise coverage.” Under the amendment, employees working for businesses that are involved in interstate commerce and gross more than $500,000 per year are covered by its minimum wage laws.

Enforcement & Remedies

Under the FLSA, employees who believe that their employer has failed to pay them overtime or has retaliated against them for disclosing concerns about their overtime pay may file a claim in the appropriate U.S. District Court. In addition, the FLSA allows for what are referred to as “representative actions” which permit an employee to seek out the overtime wages for both himself and any “similarly-situated” employees who are also due overtime pay.


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