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Melson and Smith v. Jorge Scientific Corporation

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Client: Mr. Kenneth Smith

Kenneth Smith Video Testimonial

About the Case

The complaint filed by The Employment Law Group® law firm on behalf of the relators Kenneth Smith (a decorated former North Carolina police officer) and John Melson (a decorated former U.S. Marine and current Army National Guardsman) alleges that Chris Sullivan, executive vice president of Jorge Scientific, modeled and encouraged gross misconduct at the Kabul “Villa” where Jorge executives stationed the team, causing the relators to resign from their $250,000 a year jobs as security principal analysts and close protection specialists. The relators charge Jorge executives’ actions grossly compromised the U.S. mission and endangered the lives of Jorge employees, U.S. government and coalition personnel.
The relators say their case against Jorge is another telling example of circumstances, which ignite so-called “Green on Blue” violence in Afghanistan. This label, so visible in the news today, describes Afghanis attacking their American instructors, and soldiers who are seen as “Ugly Americans” flaunting local laws and customs.

The suit reports that Jorge executives routinely violated the company’s rule of conduct. For example, they indiscriminately fired weapons and possessed grenades (legally prohibited for government contractors), and drunken Jorge supervisors tossed live ammunition into house party bonfires causing the bullets to explode and destroy property. In one case, an errant bullet struck a Jorge employee near his eye and exploding bullets regularly found their way into the nearby civilian community causing Afghani civilian and military neighbors to complain – Jorge ignored those complaints. Jorge endangered the lives of the relators by failing to appreciate how such actions could make the Villa and the surrounding community a potential target for Al Qaeda, the Taliban and other anti-U.S. extremist groups.

Media Mentions

Justices block lawsuit over foreign intelligence surveillance, CNN Security Clearance, Feb-2013

After ABC News Report, Senator Calls for Probe of ‘Drunk’ Security Contractors, ABC News, Oct-2012

Video shows contractors drunk, high in Afghanistan, Stars and Stripes, Oct-2012

Video: Wasted Security Men Jeopardize US-Afghan Relations, The Fix: Addiction and Recovery, Straight Up, Oct-2012

Industry Talk: Video Of Drunk, Stoned Jorge Scientific Contractors Puts Company On The Skyline, Feral Jundi, Oct-2012

Video of drunken and stoned U.S. private contractors in Afghanistan appears in the web, Voice of Russia, Oct-2012

New video shows US contractors in Kabul drunk, high on drugs, Press TV, Oct-2012

US military contractors ‘went on a drink and drug binge in Kabul’, The Telegraph, Oct-2012

Ex-employees of private security firm in Afghanistan sue over ‘frat house’ behavior, NY Daily News, Oct-2012

Disturbing Video Shows U.S. Defense Contractors Allegedly Drunk and on Drugs in Afghanistan, Time, Oct-2012

U.S. contractors allegedly drunk in video, CNN, Oct-2012

Attorney: Military Contractor Whistleblowers Videotaped ‘Animal House On Steroids’ In Afghanistan, CBS New York, Oct-2012

Pigs At The Trough, Etc., Southern Beale, Oct-2012

Shocking video ‘shows U.S. security contractors drunk and high in Afghanistan while on $47m contract to protect American lives against terror attacks’, Daily Mail Reporter, Oct-2012

US Army launches probe over video showing security contractors drunk in Afghanistan, Fox News, Oct-2012

Spreading Freedom, Democracy: Video Shows Drunk, Stoned US Security Contractors in Afghanistan, 21st Century Wire, Oct-2012

Contractors Are Still Partying on the Job in Kabul, The Wire, Oct-2012

Video shows contractors gone wild in Afghanistan, Government Executive, Oct-2012

ABC Video Shows Drunk, High U.S. Contractors in Afghanistan, BostInno, Oct-2012

Afghanistan: Footage Appears To Show Drunken, Stoned U.S. Security Contractors, Huffington Post, Oct-2012

Damning Video Shows US Security Contractors Getting Drunk And Stoned In Afghanistan, Business Insider, Oct-2012

ABC Exclusive: Video Shows Drunk, Stoned US Defense Contractors, ABC News, Oct-2012

US mercenaries drunk, on drugs, in Afghanistan, Dear Kitty, Some Blog, Oct-2012

Video Shows ‘Staggeringly’ Drunk, Stoned US Security Contractors in Afghanistan, The Blaze, Oct-2012

Video & TV

Extended Video Coverage of Jorge Scientific Contractors

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