Galli v. Pittsburg Unified School District

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In Brief

A school district employee successfully argued that state officers are not immune from individual liability under 42 USC § 1983 due for “official” acts.

Summary of Filed Complaint

TELG Client Tim Galli discovered that his employer, the Pittsburg (Calif.) Unified School District had engaged in a number of financial and budgetary improprieties. After he reported these problems, he was placed on leave without pay, and forced to take early retirement.

What Happened in Court

A federal judge in the Northern District of California held that state officers are not immune from personal liability under § 1983 solely by virtue of the “official” nature of their acts, and found defendants could be individually liable for Galli’s termination.

Attorneys In This Case

David L. Scher
David L. Scher

R. Scott Oswald
R. Scott Oswald

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