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Accenture Whistleblowers Set to Receive a $14 Million Reward for Blowing the Whistle on False Claims Submitted to the Federal Government

Norman Rille and Neal Roberts, whistleblowers who in 2004 filed a qui tam False Claims Act lawsuit against Accenture LLP in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas, are set to receive $14 million of the nearly $64 million Accenture agreed to pay in order to settle allegations that the company submitted or intended to submit false claims to the federal government.

Whistleblowers Rille and Roberts alleged that under a number of contracts with federal agencies, Accenture submitted false claims for payment for information technology (IT) services.  Having authority under its contract to hire subcontractors and recommend IT firms to update and organize government agencies’ IT systems, Accenture accepted millions of dollars in kickbacks from IT companies which artificially inflated contract costs.

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