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Dentist Pays $212K Settlement for Fraudulently Billing Medicaid

Kristi Rossomando and her dental practice, The Children’s Dental Group P.C. agreed to pay $212,000 to settle claims that her practice fraudulently billed Medicaid for comprehensive oral evaluations that were never performed and for allowing staff to routinely provide care that should only be performed by a licensed dentist.

Rossomando allegedly directed a hygienist to see patients on their first visit, but then the hygienist- instead of a dentist- made treatment recommendations. However, Rossomando billed Medicaid as if she were the one performing a comprehensive oral evaluation. Medicaid would even receive bills on days Rossomando was not in the office. This was discovered after Olivia Estrada, the mother of a child treated by Rossomando, discovered the unlawful practices and reported those practices to the government.

Fraudulently billing Medicaid is a violation of both state and federal False Claims Acts, under which whistleblowers are entitled to a percentage of the settlement money. Accordingly, Estrada will receive $31,800 from the $212,000 settlement.

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