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The Employment Law Group® Law Firm Principal Jason Zuckerman Quoted in Article about Impact of Obama’s 2011 Budget on Employment Law

In an article titled, “Labor Issues Loom Large,” Human Resource Executive Online reports on the potential impact of President Obama’s 2011 budget on the enforcement of employment laws.  The article discusses the potential impact of Congress providing OSHA with additional funding for investigations and enforcement.

While employment practitioners speculate that increased OSHA enforcement will have a negative impact on employers, Mr. Zuckerman notes that increased enforcement benefits public interest.  Zuckerman observes that misclassification of employees harms the public interest in that employers fail to pay unemployment taxes and to provide health insurance.  Mr. Zuckerman also notes an important benefit of in enforcing discrimination laws.  “An employer who discriminates against employees on the basis of race or gender loses the competitive advantage of having diverse perspectives in its workforce.” 

Mr. Zuckerman is optimistic that increased resources will allow OSHA to improve upon what in his experience are often “inadequate investigations of whistleblower complaints.”  He hopes “that with more financial recourses, OSHA will comply with the statutory mandate to enforce whistleblower-protection laws.”

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