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Ethics Resource Center Publishes Study Providing Advice On Increasing Internal Disclosures

On September 7, 2010, the Ethics Resource Center (ERC) published a study about internal disclosures of misconduct titled “Who’s Telling You What You Need to Know, Who Isn’t, and What You Can Do About It.”  According to the study:

1. Women tend to report more than men;

2. Members of unions are less likely to report than nonunion workers;

3. Managers report more than nonmanagement employees;

4. Reporting rates rise along with management level;

5. Reporting rates are lower in foreign-owned companies with U.S. operations;

6. Reporting rates are similar at privately-held and publicly-traded companies; and

7. Most employees contact a supervisor and only a small percentage use the hotline. 

The study also gives several pieces of practical advice on how to increase reporting.  For more information about the ERC study and a downloadable copy, click here.

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