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Ethics Resource Center Underscores the Need for Stronger Whistleblower Protections for Federal Employees

The Ethics Resource Center (“ERC”) released a report underscoring the need for stronger whistleblower protection laws. The ERC’s survey found that 1) nearly six in ten government employees saw at least one form of misconduct in the past twelve months; 2) one in four government employees works in an environment conducive to misconduct; 3) only one in 10 said there is a strong ethical culture in their federal workplace; 4) three in ten employees did not report because they feared retaliation from management; and 5) one in six employees who reported misconduct they observed experienced retaliation. When federal employees do not report misconduct, public health and safety, and the public fisc are at risk. Fortunately, Congress has an opportunity to enact robust whistleblower protection legislation. In 2007, the House and Senate passed amendments to the Whistleblower Protection Act and Congress is expected to vote on a final bill in the coming weeks. The ERC’s report is available at https://www.ethics.org/research/nges-order-form.asp.

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