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Feature Article Interviewing The Employment Law Group® Principal Attorney Dave Scher Receives Wide Coverage in Military Publications

On January 11, 2011 the Air Forces Times featured The Employment Law Group® law firm principal attorney Dave Scher in a story regarding recent whistle-blowing by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) physicians.

The story has since been featured in other Gannet Government Media publications including the Army Times, Navy Times, Marine Corps Times, and Military Times.  In addition, the article was mentioned on the Government Accountability Project’s (GAP) Daily Whistleblower News blog.

Cover of January 16, 2011 print edition of Air Force Times

The Air Force Times and the other Gannet publications are weekly newspapers that serve active, reserve, and retired members of the U.S. military and their families by providing news and analysis that is relevant to members of the military community.  The newspapers are among the most widely purchased publications on U.S. military bases and other military installations and, together, have an average weekly circulation of over 240,000.

The article highlighted a current case that arose following allegations that a whistleblower was fired from a VA facility in Northport, New York after complaining about unsafe patient practices and hazardous working conditions. The Employment Law Group® law firm attorney Dave Scher noted that the U.S. Office of Special Counsel substantiated the allegations and that “the special counsel herself went out of her way to praise [the whistleblower’s] courage in a press release.”

The article also profiled other cases in which The Employment Law Group® law firm has advocated for whistleblowers’ rights by assisting VA doctors who claim that “they were fired or harassed for speaking out about problems affecting patient care”.  In these cases, said Scher, the “former healthcare professionals attempted to point out the dangers patients were facing at VA medical facilities.”

“How such rampant disregard for regulations and respect for patients took place is a travesty.  The whistleblowers are stepping forward to protect these patients’ rights as well as their own.”

The original article, entitled “Whistle-blowers Sue VA, Claim Reprisal”, appeared in the January 16, 2012 print edition of the Air Force Times.

The Employment Law Group® law firm has an extensive nationwide whistleblower practice  representing employees who have been victims of retaliation.


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