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Marine Corps Whistleblower Has Top-Secret Security Clearance Reinstated

Earlier this month, the Navy Department in charge of security clearances reinstated the top secret security clearance of Franz Gayl, a civilian science and technology advisor for the Marine Corps. Gayl was placed on administrative leave for criticizing military leaders and allegedly stealing classified information. According to the Associated Press:

Beginning in 2007, Gayl accused the Marine Corps of gross mismanagement for failing to answer the call in 2005 for heavy-duty trucks called MRAPs (M-raps) that could withstand roadside bombs in Iraq. The trucks would eventually be delivered in large numbers to all of the military services and were credited with saving thousands of lives. Gayl also said requests from commanders in the field for other key technologies that could help troops disperse crowds and detect explosives were slow to be delivered because of flaws in the acquisition system and internal disputes over money.

Gayl was harassed and retaliated against by his supervisors, including being accused of stealing Marine Corps property, after coming forward with his allegations. Gayl’s supervisors accused him of inserting an unsecured flash drive into his work computer without authorization. However, there were no witnesses or evidence that he did any of the acts of which he is accused. In October 2010, the Marine Corp suspended Gayl’s security clearance and placed him on paid administrative leave, facing indefinite suspension.

Earlier this month, a Navy Department office in charge of security clearance determinations reinstated Gayl’s top secret security clearance, which voided his suspension and allowed him to return to work.



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