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Mayo Clinic Ordered by The Department of Labor to Reinstate a Courier Who Was Terminated After Complaining About the Clinic’s Vehicles

The U.S. Department of Labor last week ordered Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic to reinstate James Seehusen, a former courier. The clinic terminated Seehusen after he complained that it failed to repair a broken windshield on a vehicle, perform proper daily inspections on vehicles, and require drivers to obtain proper certification in order to operate the clinic’s shuttle bus.

The Mayo Clinic contends that it took immediate action to address Seehusen’s complaints, and that it terminated him for a disciplinary issue unrelated to his complaints. Department of Labor Administrative Law Judge Daniel Soloman ruled that the Mayo Clinic violated the Whistleblower Protection Act because it failed to prove that it would have terminated Seehusen regardless of his safety complaints.

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