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The Employment Law Group® Law Firm Continues to Prevail in SOX Whistleblower Cases Despite Unfavorable Statistics

A survey conducted by the University of Nebraska College of Law revealed that in 2007, only four percent of Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”) whistleblower cases heard by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were resolved in favor of the employee seeking whistleblower protection.   Despite the discouraging statistics, the attorneys at The Employment Law Group® law firm continue to obtain favorable decisions which are recognized by other leading attorneys in the field.  For example, in a blog post titled, “Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblowers:  Are They out of Luck?”, IT Business Edge attorney and journalist writes about a recent decision in Florida where a district court held that a former Best Buy employee and client of The Employment Law Group® law firm could pursue a claim for whistleblower retaliation in federal court.  The Employment Law Group® law firm also made important law protecting SOX whistleblowers in Kalkunte v. DVI Financial Services, Inc., 2004-SOX-56 (ALJ July 18. 2005) and in Leznik v. Nektar Therapeutics, Inc., 2006-SOX-00093(ALJ Nov 16. 2007).

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