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The Employment Law Group ® Law Firm is Quoted in an Article about a Teacher Fired for Exposing Grade-Changing Scheme

Dave Scher, a Principal of The Employment Law Group® law firm is quoted in an article titled “Teacher says she was harassed, fired for exposing unethical behavior.”  In the article, Warwick Beacon reports about Mary Katherine O’Neill’s whistleblower retaliation suit against the Warwick School District (“School District”), where the former music teacher alleged that she was disciplined and harassed for refusing to change a student’s grade from an “A” to an “N” (“not complete”).  In her complaint, O’Neill also alleged that the School District terminated her employment because she participated in an interview with a local television station and discussed her allegations of grade tampering at the school.  Despite the School District’s ongoing denial of retaliation, R.Scott Oswald and Dave Scher of The Employment Law Group® law firm are representing Ms. O’Neill under the whistleblower protection provisions of the Rhode Island Whistleblower Protection Act.  According to Mr. Scher, “You have a police report in which the school department’s personnel director (Rosemary Healey) admits that the rank of salutatorian had been promised to another student.  I would think that’s proof that there was pressure to change grades.”  For more information about The Employment Law Group® law firm’s Whistleblower Practice, click here.


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