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Whistleblower Alleges That Contractors Cut Corners at Marlins Stadium

Roy Fastabend, a welder and inspector, alleges that he was fired after reporting that in order to save time and money, a subcontractor cut corners in the construction of the new stadium that will be home to the Florida Marlins.  Fastabend claims to have witnessed  Mike Garcia, a fellow inspector , routinely ignoring engineering specifications and falsifying records, signing off on welds that were never examined.

When Miami-Dade County Inspector General (IG), Chris Mazzella, learned of Fastabend’s complaints, the IG sent the Marlins a letter asking detailed questions about the welding done in the ballpark. The Marlins general contractor, Hunt/Moss, reported that after receiving the Inspector General’s letter, it had many parts of the stadium redone or replaced .  Miami-Dade County then had its engineer of record sign off on the final inspection.

“If people knew what was going on there or how they did things, I mean, I won’t go to that stadium… I won’t take my kids into that place,’’ said Fastabend. “Sadly, it looks beautiful, but there are questions.”


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