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Whistleblower Speaks to ABC2 News About His Warnings on Aircraft Safety Issues Before Medevac

In an interview with ABC2 News, whistleblower Pete Peterson speaks about the crash of Trooper 2 that led to four deaths last year.  Peterson was the Maryland State Police (“MSP”) Pilot who wrote the whistleblower letter to the Department of Transportation’s (“DOT”) Inspector General last September before the crash of Trooper 2.  In his letter, Peterson raised concerns about MSP’s lack of regulatory compliance and safety issues affecting MSP’s aircraft.  Seventeen days after Peterson’s disclosure, an MSP helicopter crashed in Prince George’s county, killing four people.  Peterson’s whistleblower letter became public shortly after the crash.  More than a month later, MSP terminated Peterson for insubordination and not cooperating with the organization’s internal crash investigation.  Peterson has filed a complaint under AIR 21’s whistleblower protection statutes, alleging that the termination of his employment was in retaliation for his disclosure to DOT.  Peterson is being represented by R. Scott Oswald and Adam Augustine Carter of The Employment Law Group® law firm.

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