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White House Delays Release of Secret Database Listing Contractor Fraud and Substandard Performance

According to the Boston Globe, the White House announced that it will delay the release of a database containing records of contractor fraud and substandard performance, stating “legal and practical issues” must first be addressed.  The database, named the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System, was established in 2008 and includes information companies must enter regarding their failures on federal government contracts.  President Obama signed into law a provision that requires the database’s release to the public.

The Globe quotes a statement issued by Senator Bernard Sanders saying:

We hand out over $500 billion a year to federal contractors, many of which have well-established histories of systemic illegal, fraudulent, and incompetent behavior.  We cannot let these corporations continue to rip off American taxpayers.  I strongly expect that this new public awareness will go a long way toward putting an end to handing out taxpayer-financed contracts to corporations with a history of fraud.

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