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Workforce Management Quotes The Employment Law Group® Law Firm on Whistleblower Litigation

In an article titled, “Outcry on Exec Pay May Spur Rise in Whistle-Blower Suits,” Workforce Management reports on the widespread uproar about the scrutiny regarding executive pay and the potential impact that it may have on whistleblower litigation.  According to the article, experts have suggested that there will be an increase in whistleblower suits filed by employees alleging that they were discharged for opposing their executive compensation packages.  To support this theory, the article points to two recent lawsuits that were filed in March, a month after President Obama placed a cap on executive compensation. The article states in part: “Employees are feeling more empowered to report corporate fraud because they recognize the consequences of upper management ignoring fraudulent activity,” says Jason Zuckerman, a principal at the The Employment Law Group® law firm, a Washington-based firm that represents whistle-blowers. “If management hadn’t ignored employees’ efforts to blow the whistle, then the current economic crisis might not be as severe as it is today.” 


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