Sterling v. Atlantic Auto

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In Brief

A jury awarded TELG client Gail Sterling $1 million because the defendant maintained a sexually hostile work environment.

Summary of Filed Complaint

TELG client Donna Jackson alleged that defendant maintained a sexually hostile work environment, and then terminated her when she complained about her supervisor’s harassment.

What Happened in Court

After Sterling won a $195,000 verdict in 2004 (which was later reduced to $100,000 by the original trial judge), Atlantic Automotive won retrial based on a defective jury instruction. On retrial, the jury awarded Sterling a verdict of $1 million, taking into account Sterling’s emotional distress from a supervisor who preyed upon her, and the failure of the employer who kept the supervisor in a position to continue his pattern of abuse even after she filed a complaint.

Attorneys In This Case

Adam Augustine Carter
Adam Augustine Carter

Nicholas Woodfield
Nicholas Woodfield

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