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Providence Journal Reports on a Rhode Island Schoolteacher Whistleblower Case

On July 15, 2010, the Providence Journal reported on the latest news from O’Neill v. Warwick Public School District which we previously blogged about here.  The plaintiff, Mary Katherine O’Neill, taught music at Toll Gate High School in Warwick, Rhode Island for nearly 30 years.  According to the complaint, a school counselor ordered O’Neill to change a student’s grade from an “A+” to an “N” for “No Grade.”  O’Neill refused to change the grade and reported the incident to school administrators and the teachers union.  She further alleges that Toll Gate High Principal, Stephen Chrabaszcz, harassed her and eventually fired her because of her refusal.  Victor Mercurio, superintendent of the East Greenwich School Department, testified on Wednesday on the circumstances surrounding O’Neill’s firing.

The plaintiff is represented by Mr. R. Scott Oswald and Mr. Dave Scher, both Principals at The Employment Law Group® law firm.  For more information about the firm’s Whistleblower Law Practice.

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