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The Employment Law Group® Law Firm Calls for Congress to Include Whistleblower Protections in Bailout Bill

Attorneys at The Employment Law Group® law firm join the Government Accountability Project (GAP) and 226 other diverse organizations in their  petition for Congress to include federal whistleblower protections in the bailout bill.  This week, GAP and other public interests groups delivered a letter to legislators emphasizing the need for comprehensive whistleblower protections, including the right to a jury trial and expansion of protections to screeners, scientists and national security whistleblowers.  To express support for comprehensive whistleblower protections, go to www.WhistleblowerAction.org and sign the Citizen’s Whistleblower Petition.

The Employment Law Group® law firm frequently represents whistleblowers in the financial services industry.  For more information about federal corporate whistleblower protections, click here

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