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Tom Harrington is a principal with The Employment Law Group, P.C. specializing in working with clients who suffer workplace discrimination and retaliation in violation of civil rights laws. At his core, Tom is a fighter who is passionate, persistent and understanding of his client’s issues and believes that he is the difference maker when it comes to helping employees find justice.

“I chose to go to law school after seeing the imbalance of power between corporations and employees and I wanted to help level the playing field for employees,” said Tom. “My philosophy is to never lose sight of the client’s objectives.”

Tom became the first law clerk to ascend to ownership at TELG in 2013, cementing the firm’s reputation as a nurturer of quality legal talent. He joined the firm in 2004 while attending the George Mason University School of Law as an evening student.

Also notable: Law is Tom’s second full career; before attending law school, he worked for 19 years as an analyst for the NASDAQ Stock Market.

In addition, his financial background has helped him represent employees who are punished for reporting breaches of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Tom’s lifelong interest in literature—his undergraduate major at the University of California, Los Angeles—led him to become a Writing Fellow while at George Mason Law, and a senior staff member of the Federal Circuit Bar Journal.  His knowledge of the law and his understanding of what it takes to create a compelling story is why Tom builds successful cases for his clients.



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Speaking Engagements

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Client: Donnelle Moten

"He was very thorough and his understanding of my situation made me comfortable with the experience"

Also worked with this client:
R. Scott Oswald   

Tom Harrington Principal

Tom Harrington


George Mason University School of Law
JD (2007)

University of California at Los Angeles
Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature

"He was very thorough and his understanding of my situation made me comfortable with the experience"

– Former Client, Donnelle Moten

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