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The Employment Law Group® is headquartered in NW Washington, D.C., located two blocks north of the White House on the corner of 17th and I Streets, NW. The offices are conveniently accessible by Metro from the Farragut North (Red Line) and Farragut West (Blue and Orange) Metro stops. There is also ample parking in surrounding parking garages.
About The Firm
The Employment Law Group® law firm represents employees nationally who have blown the whistle on corporate fraud and abuse and who have been the victims of discrimination, harassment, or other violations of their civil rights. With offices in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Los Angeles, California, The Employment Law Group® law firm’s seasoned trial attorneys have earned a highly desirable record of favorable settlements and verdicts on behalf of its clients.
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Qui Tam Whistleblower Representation

The Employment Law Group® law firm: Our Experience Delivers Results

The Employment Law Group® law firm is experienced in protecting the rights of employees and providing legal support for employees who speak out about fraud in the workplace.

We have won millions for our whistleblower clients. We have also successfully fought to protect whistleblowers’ careers from retaliation after coming forward with their claims.

Do you think you have a Qui Tam case? Contact us today for a thorough evaluation from experienced whistleblower lawyers.



Is your employer engaging in any of these fraudulent practices undermining the U.S. government and the taxpayers?

  • Double billing
  • Over charging
  • Final billing for unfinished contracts
  • Delivering poor quality products
  • Unnecessary services or product features
  • Excess markup on outside vendor products or services
  • Dubious quality control practices
  • Non-conformance to federal wage and employment laws
  • Deliberate production or delivery delay for contracted services
  • Financial bookkeeping not in compliance with GAAP
  • Non-conformance to contract specifications
  • Wasted university study and inappropriate travel grants

The Employment Law Group ® law firm has:

  • Represented a client whose allegations that corporations defrauded the federal government resulted in a $57.75 Million False Claims Act settlement agreement.
  • Obtained a $819,000 jury verdict in a whistleblower retaliation case in behalf of a scientist whose contract wasn’t renewed after he raised questions about possible misuse of federal research grants.


A Qui Tam Action Is…

Any action brought by a person against a government contractor that the individual suspects, or knows, is committing an act of fraud against the U.S. government. The qui tam provision of the Federal False Claims Act (FCA), allows individual citizens to file fraud charges, and bring suit, in the name of the U.S. government, against government contractors and others who receive government funds. The qui tam provision allows the person pursuing the action to share in any money recovered.   Such recovery can range from 15 to 30% of the government’s total recovery.   The FCA also prohibits an employer from retaliating against employees who report what they reasonably believe to constitute fraud.

The Employment Law Group ® law firm attorneys are recognized leaders in the field of qui tam litigation. Our attorneys are frequently published and routinely invited to participate as presenters and panelists on whistleblower law topics:

Whether you have knowledge of fraud that your employer is committing against the federal government that you want to report or whether you have already reported such behavior and are now seeking protection from retaliation, The Employment Law Group ® is here to help.

For example, The Employment Law Group ® law firm achieved a favorable decision in Glynn v. EDO Corp . for an employee who suffered retaliation because he opposed the fraud his employer committed against the government that he believed would endanger the lives of U.S. troops in Iraq. Additionally, in Mann v. Heckler & Koch Defense, Inc., The Employment Law Group ® law firm succeeded in protecting the job of a worker who experienced retaliation because he investigated and raised concerns about his employer’s potentially fraudulent bid to sell weapons to the U.S. Secret Service.

When you need a qui tam lawyer, call The Employment Law Group ® law firm to schedule a consultation with us and, together, we’ll decide how to make the cheating stop and what your next move should be.

An Overview of Qui Tam

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