Representative Cases


Jackson v. Edgewood Management

For more than three decades, Donna Jackson had strong reviews and a spotless record while working for Edgewood, a property management company based in Germantown, Md.  From 1990 until 2010, she served as community manager at an apartment complex near her home in Glen Burnie, Md. But shortly after Ms. Jackson reported a subordinate’s gender discrimination complaint against Ms. Jackson’s immediate supervisor, Edgewood disciplined her, cut her pay, and reassigned her to a… [Read more]


Melson and Smith v. Jorge Scientific Corporation

The complaint filed by The Employment Law Group® law firm on behalf of the relators Kenneth Smith (a decorated former North Carolina police officer) and John Melson (a decorated former U.S. Marine and current Army National Guardsman) alleges that Chris Sullivan, executive vice president of Jorge Scientific, modeled and encouraged gross misconduct at the Kabul “Villa” where Jorge executives stationed the team, causing the relators to resign from their $250,000… [Read more]